Thanks so much Bill!

You deserve the ‘miracle worker’ title!

Ricehalgh & Associates, LLC

Excellent Service

I have really appreciated the excellent service and support One Tech has provided through the year.

Oregon Roses, Inc.

Attentive, Sincere, and Caring.

We experienced the installation of our new network server last weekend, and the migration of all of our data from the old server to it. Needless to say, the anticipation was a traumatic experience for me, since there is always the fear of what might go wrong in such a mission critical operation. I just had to let you know how grateful and appreciative I am for the excellent way in which the installation and migration occurred, and especially the professionalism of your technician. Throughout my dealings with One Tech at all times, they have been attentive, sincere, and caring. They are knowledgeable and resourceful in responding to my needs. I am very grateful that I can turn to One Tech for support whenever it is needed. This is one of those long distance relationships that truly does work.

New York

One Tech saved us more than $9,000 within the first month of service

We were with our previous computer support provider for more than 3 years before moving to One Tech and it took less than 4 hours to realize we had made the correct decision! One Tech delivers a high level of customer service, including quick response time to phone and computer malfunctions. The staff is fantastic to work with. Best of all, One Tech saved us more than $9,000 within the first month of service as they determined that our server still has life in it and did not need replacement. Once again, we gave thanks for having One Tech as our computer support providers.

Executive Director

One Tech LLC's Service Always Impresses, aka Super-Sizing Service Saves Lives!

Our clinics are open 6-days a week, and even though we don’t have weekend technical service, our One Tech technician knew it could be a matter of life or death of a newborn if our network goes down. Over the weekend, One Tech called to let us know that our servers were down. One Tech helped us remotely troubleshoot the issue and indentified that our power source failed. What happened next went above and beyond the expected level of service. Our One Tech technician left his family function and met me on site. He rerouted the power to our servers and got our system up and running. One Tech’s service and expertise is exceptional. Thank you One Tech!

Northwest Newborn Specialist, PC


The HIPPA Security Rule requires annual testing and restoring from a backup tape or drive of our computer system. One of the challenges we have is, 'What if the restore doesn’t work properly and we lose the integrity of our data?' Our One Tech consultant recommended we install a NAS backup device. If our system were to go down, the NAS device could have us up and running within 10 minutes! The NAS system gives us the confidence that if anything were to happen to our system, restoration and access would be quick and easy. Thanks to One Tech for our system improvement and helping us continue to be HIPPA compliant.

Northwest Newborn Specialist, PC

Expertise Goes A Long Way - Even Across the Country

Your company makes realistic suggestions keeping in mind our firm size and needs, both current and future. Even though we have a company we use for local hardware help, we find that we always want to call One Tech for the opinion and blessing that we are making the right technological decision. You are always more than willing to help us make those informed decisions…we tend to trust their opinion above and beyond anyone else’s.

Chris Stone-Green CPAs

We Recovered Over $33,000 for Two Weeks Worth Of Billing. Thanks One Tech!

One Tech saved us during the worst possible time of our CPA business! The day after Tax Day, April 16th, our senior accountant was unable to get his PC to start up. Our One Tech consultant dropped everything and came to our rescue. Not only did he get our CPA up and running immediately on a new computer, but he was able to retrieve critical information from the hard drive of the now-defunct machine, including over $33,000 worth of billable time that would have been impossible to recreate.

Chambers & Hammock, CPA, P.C.

Until One Tech came along, PMA was lost – not knowing which direction to go. One Tech allowed me to concentrate on my business and use technology to take PMA to the next level…I can count on One Tech to help me through it!

Professional Management Associates

The application of sound technology combined with reliable software and service has given us a system that works and does not need much maintenance.

Stenseth Samuelson & Boese, Ltd

One Tech has given us access to technical support and IT resolutions that are prompt, enabling us to provide high quality IT products to our staff and clients. We simply do not have to worry about our IT.

Premier Community Bank

The ability to monitor our system remotely to stay apprised of issues that arise and consequently deal with those issues.

Oregon Society of CPAs

One Tech staff has been excellent in the service they provide our company. We respect their recommendations and have implemented these as time and money allow…You guys make us feel like we're your only customer.

Eshraghi Nursery

I can trust One Tech’s advice in regards to products, equipment, and options that will work for my office and network

Premier Community Bank

Clone Bill for 24/7 availability. We are very happy with our purchases and support from One Tech LLC.

Simpson & Company

I am very satisfied.

Professional Advisory Firm

Brent is extremely professional and works as hard as we do, which is rare. We love having him on our team and I would recommend Brent's knowledge and expertise to anyone.

Crabtree CPA

Confronted by problems, such as a virus that blocks attempts to circumvent and remove that virus, One Tech has come up with 'out of the box' solutions to access and disable the offending code. The knowledge base One Tech brings has meant that problems get fixed quickly and they stay fixed. Overall down-time is way, well, down since I've had One Tech as my support.

Ridehalgh & Associates

It took us a full year to get our hosted network up but not working. With One Tech, they were able to get it working for us in a few short months. The quality and speed of their service is tremendous and we’re definitely glad we chose One Tech for our IT needs.

Strategic Value Group