One Tech VoIP solutions for your business

VoIP, also known as IP telephony, is a voice over internet protocol-based phone system that delivers calls over the IP data network. Since its invention more than 30 years ago VoIP has become a powerful tool allowing to cut significantly on communication expenses. One Tech offers affordable VoIP services for large and small businesses.

There are enough VoIP options on the market to make your head spin. But there is no need to research them all. Just hire One Tech, and let our specialists analyze your systems and recommend the optimal solution according to the specific needs of your company. We are one of the best voice over IP phone service providers in Portland, Oregon. Contact us, and get a cost-effective way of communication that is easy to use and manage.

Benefits of VoIP technology

  • Easy access
    All you need to do to access VoIP is an internet connection. Work from a business trip abroad, from your home or even from a car when stuck in morning traffic.
  • User-friendly
    The VoIP software is easy to navigate. Any user can set the settings according to his or her preference without any help from an IT expert. More significant problems can be handled by calling IP telephone service providers.
  • Functionality
    VoIP technology is well-developed. There are a lot of special features available like call forwarding, audio and video conferencing, call distribution and electronic messaging.
  • Low maintenance
    Initial setup and routine maintenance won’t hurt your budget. What is more, using one data network for all of your communications is very convenient.

Why you should hire us

There is no shortage of VoIP service providers in Portland, Oregon. Make the right decision – choose One Tech! Our reliable experts are at your service 24/7 making sure you stay connected at all times. Give us a call toll-free at 800-968-8867 and make an appointment.