Conducting a Comprehensive Network Security Audit for Your Business

IT security audit is a must for the efficiency of your business, be it a small-sized company or a large organization with many divisions. At One Tech, we are committed to providing solutions with a significant return on investment (or ROI). By carrying out a professional network security assessment, we can uncover many ways in which our security services can save your time, nerves, and money.

IT Security Audit: What It Is and How It Works

Network security analysis is a critical method in which your business processes can be streamlined. In simple words, a security audit is a thorough examination and evaluation of your:

  • Company policies
  • Business operations
  • Organization’s IT infrastructure

Network security analysis determines whether IT controls ensure data integrity, protect corporate assets, and are aligned with your business goals and objectives. It’s worth mentioning that IT audit is not just about examining physical security controls — it also includes evaluation of financial controls that involve information technology systems. Proper information security risk assessment consists of a detailed inspection of all components: from networked devices to workstations, servers, and employee access.

Why Choose Our IT Security Assessment Services in Portland, Oregon?

One Tech stands apart from other IT consulting firms by providing its clients with a free security assessment, ensuring that a suitable protection level is integrated into your business's technology. Through gaining a thorough understanding of your firm’s needs, we can reduce your business costs and automate numerous manual processes that will help you save you precious time and reduce the risk of human error.

When conducting a comprehensive network security testing, we follow the life cycle of the company’s most essential documents from start to finish. We look at how they are created, processed, stored, and distributed. Once we are done, all of the information gathered during the audit will be analyzed by our professional team of document workflow experts. Our tested security assessment methodology consists of the following steps:

  1. Requirements Analysis
  2. Document Review
  3. Identification of Risks
  4. Vulnerability Scanning
  5. Analysis of Data
  6. Detailed Report

Depending on the assessment results, we will address security issues identified in the checklist and recommend the most efficient solution to meet your business needs.

Who Needs Business Security Assessment?

Statistics show that operations get increasingly computerized at most companies today. As a result, network security audits are used to ensure information-related processes work correctly. Business owners who want to deliver the services that clients and employees demand should protect their network.

Computer network security is the perfect solution for protecting your data from cyber-attacks. It’s usually applied to identify potential areas of vulnerability and provide suggestions for adapting your safety which may reduce risk. IT audit can also help to protect your company’s reputation. All things considered, IT audit is the ideal option for those business owners who want to assess the security of their technology.

Worried about the security of your business? Fill out the form on the page and get your free business security assessment today!