OneTech: The undeniable leader among web application hosting providers in Portland

Are you looking for an effective solution to manage your business web applications without spending money on equipment and IT department? We have got you covered! OneTech offers expert outsource web application hosting services in Portland, Oregon. We will handle your software failures with minimum downtime to make sure nothing hinders your productivity. Our application hosting solutions will allow you to get instant access to everything you need through the Internet. Let us handle your business apps so that you never have to worry about managing the servers, updating the software, and backing up your data.

What is application hosting?

Does your business depend on such web programs as Exchange, SharePoint, and QuickBooks to run smoothly? Then you need an application service provider to host your software. Hire OneTech specialists! We will host your web applications on our servers and provide 24/7 maintenance as well as damage control. Our team is available to you around the clock to fix any problems or recover data in case a web application goes down. Save yourself the trouble and focus on your business while getting secure access to your business applications through a direct network connection via Internet.

Why you need to use web app hosting service

Complicated business applications that involve a lot of data processing need a physical server to store data on. Setting up your own web hosting has a number of disadvantages:

  • High costs: buying servers and hiring an in-house team to maintain can drain your budget.
  • Expensive utilities: the more servers you have, the higher is your electricity bill
  • Limited space: as your business grows, you will need more servers for additional data

There is a simple way to avoid these problems. Just hire OneTech outsource specialists to provide:

  • Custom web application hosting services
  • Sharepoint hosting services
  • QuickBooks hosting services
  • Exchange email hosting services

We will help you keep your hosted business applications free of annoying spam, store your emails more safely and efficiently, and streamline your accounting. Focus on your company’s needs while we are making sure your systems run smoothly.

Benefits of web application hosting services

  • Low maintenance
    Leave software and hardware management to us. All you need to do is maintain internet connection.
  • Affordable
    Hiring an outsource team and renting a server to host your business web applications will save you money for other important company needs.
  • Support
    Web application hosting services include full support from a provider, and updates are installed centrally.
  • Security
    The provider takes care of any viruses, backups, and cyberattacks. Our specialists know how to protect your company’s valuable information.

Why you should hire OneTech

Do you think web application hosting costs a fortune? We can prove you that it’s not true! Hiring OneTech will actually cut your expenses. Our company provides high-quality desktop application hosting services at competitive prices. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. Our customer service will be happy to give you detailed information about our hosting solutions. Managing your IT systems shouldn’t be complicated. Outsource all the stress and enjoy the benefits!