Professional Data Protection Services

Information is the foundation on which every business is built. Having unrestricted access to your data at any moment is required to provide your customers with the best offers for all their needs. At One Tech, we aim to bring your activity to the highest level of performance by offering continuous data protection solutions in Portland, Oregon. While placing an increasing focus on supporting small businesses, we back up your data so that you can be sure of its availability, even if the worse happens. From now on, you should not concern yourself with extra stress like in dealing with cyber-attacks or any other obstacles in your way.

With the advent of the information age and technologies in the business world, you cannot allow yourself to lose valuable data. Such misfortune will inevitably result in weakening your positions on the market as well as giving your competitors the green light to drive you out. With that in mind, you should never underestimate the role of data recovery and protection. As an independent server, One Tech allows you to steer clear of endless troubles associated with damages of information sources. Owing to our off-site data centers, you can be relieved that all of your files are securely kept in safe storage. It is One Tech that ensures data protection and recovery when the unexpected occurs. In case of a disaster, we are at your service to recreate all of the files you need.

Benefits of Our Data Protection Plan

Whether it is about client files, company records, or statistics, the consequences of their loss are catastrophic for every enterprise. That is why it is recommended to have a backup plan. File copying to an independent data center opens up an opportunity to ensure reliable retrieval at lightning speed. It is pivotal for all businesses to be able to prepare for contingencies that are likely to happen. The strategy of continuous data protection by One Tech means:

  • Preservation of all files that appear vulnerable to malicious hacking, corruption, buggy software, or such natural disasters as fire and flood.
  • Encryption of your data to maintain absolute digital confidentiality.
  • Thorough testing of database backups to provide complete file integrity.
  • Regular backups every 15 minutes to eliminate risk of serious losses.
  • Rapid access to encrypted files as soon as necessary.

One Tech comes up with a cross-platform Data Protector for backup purposes. With such a go-to tool, you can stick to your development plan and leave your worries about going out of business behind. The off-site storage provided by our remote server allows you to enhance confidence in the future while protecting your business continuity. Just imagine that all your ambitions are thwarted because of some hardware failure or power surge. We offer you a chance to avoid unforeseen pitfalls and take advantage of our data protection solutions in Portland, OR. Do not take success for granted when it is up to you to implement time-tested backup strategies. Start contributing to your business continuity today.