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The Importance of Patching

Adobe’s PDF Reader is under fire from hackers due to a vulnerability which was detected within the popular software. This “critical vulnerability” has been identified in a limited capacity, and seems to be targeting “high value” computers, which may include financial computers.

Submit your How-To Video Suggestions

One Tech is producing a series of “How-To” videos for our web site to provide help in completing common tasks on your computer. We want to hear what you are interested in learning more about. If we use your suggestion in one of our videos, we will credit you and your company or organization in the video.

Data Preservation and Protection

We have all watched with great concern over the past several years as an increasing number of natural disasters continue to strike our fragile environment.  These disasters have caused significant damage and loss of life.  They include flood, earthquake, tornado, lightening and even the death/disability of key staff.

Why the Cloud Can Become a Game Changer

Like everything else in IT today, cloud computing can be either unnecessary in your business operations – or it could be something you really need. However, a recent survey on the perception of the cloud shows that almost half of small business owners are more or less dismissing it outright.