Let’s Spread the Word Out

Are you enjoying the quality of One Tech’s services?
Do you love our rapid response time and attention to your needs?
Do you feel the need to tell all your friends about how professional our technicians are?

Now’s the time to spread the word about One Tech!

Announcing our Summer Referral Special!

How it works:

  1. Pick a company or organization you know and you think could use One Tech’s expertise.
  2. Go to http://www.onetechllc.com/about-us/referral-program/ and fill out the information form (Or have the a representative from that company fill it out)
  3. If that company/organization signs any type of service agreement with us, YOU get 2 free service hours for your services!It’s that simple! And you can refer us to as many companies as you want!

    Those valuable Service Hours can be applied to any service agreement you have with us! Monitoring, server maintenance, reinstalling a hard disc, you name it and we’ll apply those hours to you. (Cost of parts and materials are not included in offer).

    Not a customer yet? You can get in on this offer too! It’s a fantastic way to get to know One Tech’s services and to get 2 services hours from our skilled technicians.

    So grab your megaphones and tell the world! Everyone wins for it!

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